3 Clean-Up Tips to Prepare for a Last-Minute Showing of Your Wantagh Home

3 Clean-Up Tips to Prepare for a Last Minute Showing of Your Wantagh Home

It would be nice to have all the time you need to clean and prepare for a showing, but that’s just not the way it always works out. Many times, you’ll encounter last-minute showings with little time to prepare. And you should never refuse a showing because you just never know when one will result in a sale. But don’t panic – you can have your home spruced up and ready in time. Just follow these 3 clean-up tips to prepare for a last-minute showing of your Wantagh home.

1. Be Prepared and Have a Cleaning Ritual

Perhaps the most important tip to prepare for a last-minute showing of your Wantagh home involves preparing in advance and implementing a cleaning ritual. Start with a thorough decluttering and deep cleaning, and then just maintain what you’ve done. That way, there will be minimal clean-up for a last-minute showing.

You can maintain what you’ve done (the hard work of the deep cleaning) by means of a sustainable cleaning ritual. For example, trying doing the following on a regular basis . . . 

  • Make all the beds every day when you first get up and open curtains and blinds. Having these things already done will save several minutes if you have to get ready for a showing in a hurry.
  • Do a predetermined amount of cleaning daily and weekly and keep a checklist to make sure you’ve done it.
  • Clean up and put away things as you cook to keep the mess manageable.
  • Clean floors regularly, especially in high-traffic areas.
  • Create a cleaning plan and stick to it.

With the deep cleaning already and regular cleaning ritual, clean-up for a last-minute showing will be kept to a minimum.

2. Take Care of the Easy, Obvious Things First

Beyond your regular maintenance cleaning, when you have to prepare for a last-minute showing do the easy and obvious things first – the things that will have the most visual impact and that will require the least amount of time and effort. These include doing the following . . . 

  • Clean high-traffic areas first because they get the dirtiest the quickest.
  • Get kitchen clutter out of the way by putting dishes in the dishwasher and other items in the back of a cabinet.
  • Put dirty laundry that you haven’t been able to get to in the washer and/or dryer.
  • Open up curtains, drapes, and blinds. A bright home will seem cleaner even if it still needs a little work.
  • Make all the beds and put bedroom knick-knacks in a drawer.
  • Hang clean towels in the kitchen and bathroom(s).

You can’t do everything when you’re operating under time constraints, so concentrate on those things that will have the most impact.

3. Attack the Clean-Up Room by Room

Another valuable tip for clean-up in preparation for a last-minute showing is to attack your quick cleaning using a room-by-room strategy. You won’t feel overwhelmed because you’ll be doing the cleaning in manageable chunks. This method is more efficient and less intimidating. Here’s what you can do . . . 


The kitchen is the most important room for buyers, so be sure not to skimp on the kitchen cleaning and tidying. Begin by clearing counters and all other surfaces of dirty dishes and unnecessary items and clean the floors. Hang out special dishtowels that are used only for showings.

Family Room

Make sure everything is put away in its designated space. Arrange pillows and throws on the couch. Give the floor a quick vacuuming and the furniture a quick dusting.


Again, make sure all beds are made, and that everything is put up where it belongs, especially in the kids’ bedrooms. Give the closets a quick inspection, making sure the floor is visible. (Buyers will look into your closets.)


Give the bathrooms some special attention because you want potential buyers to be able to imagine themselves using the space. Clean the mirrors, put away all personal items and toiletries, empty trash cans, and wipe down counters. Clean showers and tubs, making sure they are free of hair and soap scum. And, just as with the kitchen, hang special towels up in the bathrooms, bright new towels that are used only for this purpose.

Have A Successful Last Minute Showing

So, yes, you can be ready for a showing at the drop of a hat. Your home may not be perfect, but it will be presentable enough to satisfy even the most discerning buyers. But even more important than having an attractive home is having an experienced Wantagh agent in your corner. A good local agent to conduct the showing will give you the edge that just may result in a sale. And then all that cleaning effort will be worth it. So before it comes down to a last-minute showing of your Wantagh home, be sure to contact us today at 516-729-8288.

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